Part 107 Airspace Authorizations

Source: FAA

Release Date: September 29, 2021

How to request a Part 107 Airspace Authorization.

This information is only for Drone pilots flying under the small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Rule known as Part 107.

The Operations Over People rule allows for routine operations of small UAS at night without a waiver. To comply with the rule you must:

o       Existing part 107 certificate holders must complete the online recurrent training that was published on April 6, 2021.

o       Recurrent training taken before April 6, 2021 does not meet the requirements of the Operations Over People rule.

o       If you do not hold a Part 107 certificate you must pass an initial knowledge test and apply for a remote pilot certificate through the FAA Integrated Airman Certificate and/or Rating Application ( IACRA) system.

The Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC)

LAANC authorizations are provided to drone pilots through companies approved by the FAA. These companies are known as FAA-Approved UAS Service Suppliers (FAA LAANC USSs). The companies have built desktop and mobile applications through which drone pilots submit their authorization request and receive other safety critical information related to their flight. LAANC authorization requests may be submitted up to 90 days in advance of your planned flight.

LAANC provides:

  • Automated airspace authorizations at pre-approved altitudes on the UAS Facility Maps. Requests are approved in near-real time.
  • Further coordination of requests to fly above pre-approved altitudes, as long as the operation is under 400 feet.

o       Further coordination means that the request must be reviewed by an Air Traffic Manager (ATM) who manages the airspace where you wish to fly. The ATM will either approve or deny the further coordination request.

o       Further coordination requests must be submitted at least 24 hours prior to requested start time of the operation.

List of FAA Approved UAS Service Suppliers.

How to request authorization through LAANC

Automated approval:

  • Apply on the date you wish to fly.
  • Select the exact time, altitude and location where you wish to fly.
  • Make sure you select to fly at or below the altitude defined by the UAS Facility Maps (this will show up automatically in your LAANC app).
  • Approval is typically received in near-real time.

Further Coordination (Authorization above UASFM Values):

  • Select the exact time, altitude and location where you wish to fly up to 90 days before you wish to fly.

FAA Drone Zone

Drone Zone provides authorizations for airports that are not LAANC-enabled. It may also be used to process requests at LAANC enabled facilities, however it does not provide authorizations in near-real time. All requests are processed manually at the FAA Air Traffic Service Centers:

You can apply for:

  • Authorization at or below approved altitudes on UAS Facility Maps will be approved at FAA Service Centers.
  • Authorization requests above the approved altitudes on UAS Facility Maps but at or below 400 feet. The FAA Service Center coordinates approval with the facility that manages the airspace in which you plan to fly.

Airspace authorizations through DroneZone are available for both day and night operations. Follow the steps below to get approval for your flight.

Day and Night Time Authorization through FAA Drone Zone:

  • Log into the FAA Drone Zone.
  • Select “Create Part 107 Waiver/Authorization”.
  • In pop up titled “Part 107 Waiver/Authorization” application choose second option: Airspace Authorization and start application.
  • Fill in the required fields:

o       Operation Title:

□      Be clear and specific about what you want to do. For example: Photography shoot in MSP Class B airspace.

o       Responsible party:

□      This does not have to be the drone pilot. The responsible party is not required to hold a remote pilot certificate, but will be held responsible for the safety of the overall operation and documentation of pilots and make/model of all drone operating under the terms of the authorization.

  • Operation Parameters:

o       Start/End Date. Note: Dates cannot exceed 90 days from the date of application.

o       Timeframe – select the time you wish to operate.

o       Frequency – select how often you will need to fly.

o       Local Time Zone.

o       Proposed Location Of Operation:

□      Provide as much detail as possible about your proposed operation.

o       Proposed Maximum Flight Altitude About Ground Level (AGL):

□      Requests to fly at or below a UAS Facility Map altitude are approved by FAA Service Centers.

□      Requests to fly above the UASFM and below 400 feet are coordinated by the FAA Service Center with the relevant air traffic facility that manages the airspace you wish to fly in.

o       Review and submit your information to the FAA.

o       Upon submission you will receive a reference number for your application.

o       You may check you application status anytime by logging back into your Part 107 dashboard and selecting the “Manage Part 107 Waivers/Authorizations” button.

Emergency Authorizations & Operations

There is no change to the application process for Emergency Operations.

To support first responders and other entities affiliated with them, the FAA can quickly issue authorizations for natural disaster and other emergency situation responses. Read about Waivers and Authorizations Supporting Emergency UAS Operations to learn more.

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