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Creative Development, Writer and Producer

Brief info

Victor Field has had a long association with the Hollywood artistic community. First as a rock music and Las Vegas columnist for the Chicago Tribute, a comedy writer on Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In television show, and then as president of Hispanic Media Inc., The Hispanic branch of the Guber-Peters Entertainment. He is currently on the Board of Trustees for Nosotros, the artistic Hollywood association, which promotes Hispanic participation in the film and television arts.

Victor has been involved in general market and Hispanic media for over 30 years. He began his newspaper career with the Los Angeles Daily News, where he spent 18 years in sales and marketing. At the News he worked for the Chicago Tribune and Jack Kent Cooke Media in a variety of executive sales positions including management of retail, entertainment and national advertising divisions.

He has performed media and advertising campaigns for hundreds of clients including Pizza Hut, Anheuser Busch, McDonald’s, Washington Mutual and many other retail, regional and national accounts.

Victor also created highly successful market product introductions for consumer giants like Tampax, Windex, Miller beer and the Boy Scouts of America among others. He is well versed in the creation of campaigns, production of print, television and radio ads, as well as writing public relations campaigns and infomercials.

He has also been instrumental in the development of Hispanic print industry while serving as Vice President, and National Sales Director of the National Association of Hispanic Publications. He has also served on the Boy Scout of America’s executive board, and regularly promotes positive Hispanic image in lectures, seminars and workshops throughout the country. He has also served as the Hispanic Liaison for the Minority Owned Media Coalition, and as the National Director of the National Hispanic Newspaper Network

Victor has also been instrumental and authored legislation resulting in the federal government’s recent commitment and obligation to reach the nations ethnic communities though minority media.

Mr. Field has served as publisher and editor for Mundo L.A. and La Guia de Los
Angeles, and has been actively involved in the development of Hispanic publishing as the Vice President and National Corporate Director of the National Association of Hispanic Publications. Today he serves as a media consultant and as a writer for television, grants, proposals and print media.